Disturbing the silence with heavy footsteps
Dragging his feet across the stone floor
Digging his heel into the ground when he walked
Distant in his gaze
Distracted by nothing
Drowning in his thoughts
Deep feelings filling the air
Down to the deepest hole
Darkness fills his mind
Dreading what is to follow
Deafening silence
Drenched in muted screams
Demons down in the depths
Daunting demonic cries rise
Dramatic… Traumatic…
Dirty hands cover his face
Dripping blood
Daggers dig into his wounds
Drinking, sucking Dracula’s confidence
Destructive words
Divide his soul
Driving him to the hell
Draping him over the sharp walls
During which he dies and becomes
Delivering the end
Declaring the victory
Defeating all even odds
Do not let him win
Dreaming of nightmares
Drugs pumping through veins
Drawing out the self-conscious
Dying futures and
Destroyed pasts
Dedicated to nothing
Drifting away
Daring to be finite
Dead live

by GeorgiaIris

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