Trip to New York City

Broadway and West 35th
NEW YORK CITY, NY 04/22/16 TRIP TO THE MOMA: Toward the end of the second semester of my sophomore year in college, I went on a class trip to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to see the Jackson Pollock exhibit. After looking around and observing the museum and the exhibit, a group of my friends and I left the museum and grabbed lunch at the Burger Joint with a professor. We took our lunches and ate in Central Park. Afterward, we were allowed to roam freely around New York City, but we had to be back at the MoMA in time to get on the bus and head home. We were told that if we didn’t get back to the bus in time, the bus would leave without us. So, a group of my friends and I walked to Time Square and shopped around a bit. Later, two of my friends wanted to walk to the Garment District to check out some fabric shops, so three of us, my two friends, this girl (their classmate) and I separated from the rest of the group and decided to walk to the Garment District. We walked about 19 blocks away from where we originally were and ended up resting at Broadway and West 35th Street in front of an Urban Outfitters store. The girl in our group said she had to go to the bathroom, so she walked into the Urban Outfitters to find a bathroom. About 15 minutes later, with no one able to reach or find her [because we didn’t have her cell phone number], my two friends and I wandered into the store to find her. My one friend finally found her downstairs near the fitting rooms crying on a couch. She was sobbing because we walked too far and her feet were hurting her. We sat there for a while to let her rest, but realized that we had to start walking back. She refused to walk back, so we called one of the professors and explained what happened. They told us to grab a cab [and you know how hard that could be in New York City]. So, we tried and tried and tried to get a cab, but at one point, two men riding by on pedicabs offered to give us a ride back. Without asking how much it would be, we reluctantly hopped into the pedicab and got back to the MoMA. When we arrived at the MoMA, the pedicab driver told me it was about $55 for the ride. I couldn’t just walk away and he refused to take my credit card, so I told him I only had $50 in cash and my friend only had credit cards. The pedicab driver finally took my $50 in cash and rode off. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a receipt and, therefore, couldn’t get reimbursed by the school. I learned my lesson that day: never walk too far and never take someone to New York City if they can’t handle the walking.

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