Rain Sound

I wake up to the sound of melodic tapping at my bedroom window. Tiny droplets fall from the grey sky and greet me with a soft “good morning”. I sit up in my bed and run my hands through my thick, messy bedhead. I can taste the morning breath on my tongue, but I’m too comfortable to move. I fall back down on my pillow and stare at the ceiling.

Tap, tap, tap, I say to myself. Tap, tap, tap. I roll over to grab the television clicker, but suddenly find myself staring out the window watching the dismal grey clouds slowly move over the city; the rain carefully dripping and tapping at my window. I finally have the motivation to grab the remote and turn on the morning news. Click.

“As you can see, the rain is slowly moving over the city and shows no sign of slowing or stopping anytime soon. I will show you how long and how heavy the rain will be…” Click. I drop the remote onto the bed and stare into space.

What am I going to do today, I thought quietly to myself. Tap, tap, tap. And then it dawns on me; an idea for a poem, but I am too lazy to grab a piece of paper or a pen. I pick up my iPhone instead and open my notes. It goes something like this:

Tap, tap, tap

at my window so lightly.

Little drops of rain

fall slowly and softly.

That’s a good start to a poem. I watch the cursor on my phone as it blinks, asking me to type more words. More, more, more, it says to me. I lock the screen and drop it in my lap. I can feel the thoughts trickling through my mind like little raindrops stroking the windshield of a moving car. I sit for a moment and let the thoughts roam around in my head.

I turn to look at the clock and it reads 6:36AM. What am I going to do today, I thought again. I let out a big yawn and stretch my arms as far as I can. I feel a sudden rush of energy to get up and move. I hop out of bed and walk to the bathroom, dragging my feet across the carpeted floor.

I push the bathroom door wide open and shuffle toward the sink. Meow, I hear from the bedroom. “Good morning Dusty,” I yawn. Dusty trots in and rubs his thick black coat against my legs. He lets out a loud prrrrr and licks my calf with his scratchy tongue.

I look in the mirror as I brush my teeth. “Look at my crazy hair,” I mumble as toothpaste foam fills my mouth. I stare at the dark bags under my eyes. Not enough sleep, I thought. I spit into the sink and swish water throughout my mouth. Swish, swish, swish, I say to myself. I spit into the sink again and look in the mirror. Aha! I walk over to my bed and unlock my phone. I begin to type again:

Swish, swish, swish

the air gently blows.

The rain dances in the breeze;

in every direction, it goes.

I place my phone back on the bed and begin to undress. What am I going to do today? The thought keeps roaming around in my mind. I have no clue what to do. It’s a rainy Saturday morning, and I have all this free time to do things. What is there to do?

I throw my baggy blue pajamas on the bed and walk into the bathroom. I can feel the cool breeze across my chest. Brrrr, I thought. I turn on the water in the shower and patiently wait for the water to heat up. I fold my arms tightly across my chest and look out into the bedroom. I look at the TV, then glance over at my desk. Write? I shake my head and shut the bathroom door.

I step into the shower and let the water slowly consume my body in warmth. Beads of water stroke my head and back; I can feel my tired skin melting away. I lather my hair with shampoo and massage my bedhead away. The soap trickles down my back and chest; the little bubbles tickling my skin.

As I rinse my body, I shake my head, letting out the excess water in my hair. I turn off the shower and stand quietly for a moment. The water slowly drips from the faucet. Drip, drip, drip. I can see the water vapor floating through the bathroom. The small bathroom window is white with steam.

I step out of the shower and wrap my towel around my body. I walk up to the sink and wipe the thin film of steam from the mirror. I quietly observe my soggy hair and dripping face; I twist my face in several directions, making myself laugh. I turn around to open the door; and on the knob, I find a baby blue button-down shirt. “There you are!” I smile. I rub my thumb on the soft fabric; smooth silk. I open the bathroom door and toss the shirt over my desk chair.

I swiftly rub the towel on my wet hair and shake my head. What to do, what to do. The thought is screaming in my head. I walk over to glance out the window. The rain is falling even harder than before; tapping at the window like a fast-paced drum beat. I watch as cars rush through the streets, splashing through puddles; people swiftly walking from point A to point B, hoping that the rain will end soon.

I observe the skyline; a mixture of nature and city life. Trees and grass occupy the park, while sidewalks and rows of buildings line the busy city streets.

My stomach loudly growls at me. Feed me! it shouts. I’m hungry! I walk into my kitchenette and open the fridge. I search and search and search for coffee, but then I remember that I used it all up the other day. “Ugh!” I sigh. I close the refrigerator door and read the sticky notes that are scattered across the door’s surface:




I walk over to my dresser and open up my shirt drawer. I pull out my blue Captain America t-shirt and throw it on; then I open up my pant drawer and jump into a pair of dark grey sweat pants. I’m going commando, I laugh to myself as I imitate Joey from Friends.

I shuffle over to my closet and grab my rain boots and trench coat. I slip my bare feet into my boots, throw on my coat, grab my cell phone and keys and leave my apartment. As I walk down the hallways of the apartment building, I can hear my bare feet squeaking in my rain boots. I smile at the silly sound as I continue down the hall and descend down the staircase.

I pass the wall of mailboxes and as I near the front door, I can smell the scent of freshly fallen rain on the warm spring cement sidewalk. I can feel myself being overwhelmed with delight as I inhale the pleasant spring aroma. I push open the glass door and a rush of cool, wet air hits my face. I let out a long sigh and look up at the sky. Grey clouds gather above my head; the sun is out of sight. I stand silent and still for a moment as I allow the rainy weather to soothe my soul.

After my moment of meditation, I make my way around the corner of the building and walk across the street to get to the parking lot. My car stands alone in the middle of the lot. “Apparently everyone has something to do today,” I smile. Except me.

As I approach my car, I reach into my pocket and push the unlock button. The car’s lights flicker on and off as the doors unlock themselves. I open the driver side door and hop into the seat. I pull the door shut and sit quietly, staring at the windshield; a thin layer of undisturbed water coats the window. I place the key in the ignition and let it sit there; I watch my keychains dangle from behind the steering wheel.

I look down at my clothes. Small somber specks are scattered across my pants; my soaked clothes cling to my soggy skin. Water drips from the tips of my hair, slowly streaming down the back of my neck. I feel a cold shiver rushing up my spine. A few minutes pass and I turn the keys in the ignition. I let the car warm up for a moment and exit the parking lot.

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