I remember fear,

hatred, and sorrow

all at once.


The sound of sirens echoed,

bouncing off the atmosphere.

Everyone could hear them.

The world stopped to stare

at the place where

the towers once stood.


The smoke,

the ashes,

the pile of rubble;

it was all real.

All of it.

No rewind button.

No superheroes.


Nothing could’ve stopped it.


It happened.

It happened for some reason.

But why?

Why did it happen?

Why did it have to place me

in danger?

Why will I fear for my life?

For the rest of my life?


People spit at me,

accuse me,

shout hateful things,

all because of those towers.

All because of the people

who chose to threaten

the United States

of the un-united people.

The people who feel supreme;

“They rule all,”

but it’s a joke.

Why does this flaw

affect me?

Why am I accused

of something I didn’t do?

Why am I the one

who gets the thunder?


by GeorgiaIris

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